Workshop approaching!

This weekend, a bunch of e-embroidery enthusiasts will get together in Helsinki at the Cable Factory, putting their hands on yarns and LEDs. We are happy and grateful to announce that we will have some more helping hands to assist us at the workshop.

Firstly, couple of people from Kässämartat provide their expertise with embroidery stitches. Kässämartat are handicraft enthusiasts, who organize various crafting activities in the Helsinki area. Kässämartat operates under the larger community Uudenmaan Martat, which in turn is part of the nationwide Martat organization. With its wide network of local volunteer groups, Martat has a history of over 100 years in providing guidance in many kinds of household activities such as cooking, gardening and crafts, including environmental and economical issues.

Another helping hand comes from TAUKO, which is a Helsinki based clothing brand. TAUKO designs are made from recycled materials, locally and by hand. TAUKO is supporting the e-embroidery workshop by providing recycled textiles for us to work on.

Lastly, to show some more stitches and textures for inspiration, we introduce Wizard, another e-embroidery character and a friend of Anglerfish. Looking forward to e-embroidering!

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