Starting e-embroidery: Anglerfish part I

As a beginner to embroidery I needed to first get some materials to start an e-embroidery project. I bought an embroidery hoop and some threads from HobbyPoint in Fredrekinkatu, Helsinki. It was more expensive than I had expected, I will try to find ways to make our own embroidery hoops for the workshop for those who don’t want to buy new ones. I also got a few embroidery threads. Since I did not already have a pattern in mind I picked up some primary colours, black and white and a few shaded ones. The options for the fabric was quite intimidating .. some help for choosing the cloth can be found here.

For this electronic embroidery I wanted to work with Light emitting diodes(LEDs) that would light up as part of the embroidered pattern. I started by sketching some initial ideas, the aim was to make something simple enough for my first embroidery and to use a LED in a way that would be natural to the object or scene depicted..

I really liked the idea of making an embroidered deep sea anglerfish with a LED for its bio-luminescent¬†“lantern”. Below are some quick sketches for practice:)

To draw the anglerfish pattern on the fabric I used a coloured pencil, but went over it with a microtip black pen afterwards to make the outline clearly visible.

Embroidery stitching:

There are some great videos of different embroidery stitches at Needle’n Thread.

I chose to do a simple back stitch as the outline for the anglerfish in two colours (out of the few I had)- red and black.

(is it just me or does this image make you feel funny in the teeth..?:)

And this is what it looked like when the outline was finished!

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